George Eliot Scholars is a free online resource devoted to making scholarship about George Eliot accessible worldwide. It is a sister to the George Eliot Archive and the George Eliot Review Online projects, edited by Beverley Park Rilett, with assistant editor, Eleanor Dumbill.

George Eliot Scholars provides a free digital commons where those who research and communicate about Eliot's life and/or literature can share their work; while this site is akin to Research Gate and Academia, ours is a non-commercial project by and for scholars. We've modeled our endeavor on the MLA's Humanities Commons (CORE), but for Eliot-related publications exclusively.

No registration is required to view the materials published on the George Eliot Scholars website, but you will need to register here to add your previously published preprints or new work to the George Eliot Scholars collection.

We are accepting articles, monographs, book chapters, theses, dissertations, conference papers, video presentations, and reviews of books about George Eliot. Thanks to all those who have already contributed. We're happy to make your work more readily discoverable.

George Eliot Scholars holds no copyright to any of the materials on the website. Contributors to this site have agreed to share their materials under the Creative Commons license (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0), which requires the author and source to be credited and allows only non-commercial sharing. We upload only Creative Commons and Open Access materials. If we have uploaded anything whose copyright is in dispute, it is our policy to take it down within thirty days of any written request. 

The Scholars website supplements the George Eliot Archivea repository of public domain documents on the author. It also adds to the newer critical resources provided by another sister site, the George Eliot Review Online, a digital archive of more than 50 years’ worth of the peer-reviewed journal published by our partner, the George Eliot Fellowship. We encourage you to browse these affiliated websites for more information on Eliot's life and works.

The George Eliot Scholars site, launched officially on December 31, 2020, is still a work in progress. If you experience any issues or have feedback for how we can improve, please let us know at GeorgeEliotArchive@gmail.com or write directly to the project director, Dr. Beverley Park Rilett at bdr0032@auburn.edu.


Editor / Director, Beverley Park Rilett, is an Associate Research Professor at Auburn University in Alabama, home of the George Eliot Archive and its sister projects since August, 2021. She is also a vice president of the George Eliot Fellowship and the digital editor of the Fellowship’s George Eliot Review journal. Before relocating to Auburn, Rilett was an Assistant Research Professor in English and a Faculty Fellow in the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2013-21). She is passionate about open access in scholarly publishing. Her edition of British Poetry of the Long Nineteenth Century: A Selection for College Students was re-issued in 2019 as an open-access digital edition. Several of her peer-reviewed articles on Eliot's life and works are re-published here. 

Assistant Editor, Eleanor Dumbill, recently completed her PhD at Loughborough University and works in research technology. Her research focuses on George Eliot, Frances Milton Trollope, and Frances Eleanor Trollope, and her dissertation is published here. In addition to assistant editing George Eliot Scholars, Dumbill maintains an archive of the Trollope family's periodical writing, The Periodical Trollopes.